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Wild Huckleberries: The New Super Fruit

Wild huckleberries are off the charts in antioxidant levels. Research from the University of Idaho and the University of Alaska Fairbanks has shown blue huckleberries posses nearly triple the levels of the domestic blueberry. The benefits of eating healthy foods have been gaining popularity for years and the blueberry market has boomed because of their marketed health benefits. Although blueberries are healthy in antioxidant levels there is no comparing them to their close relatives the wild huckleberry and wild blueberry in antioxidant levels or taste. Also, the domesticated blueberries are sprayed with plenty of pesticides diluting their true healthiness. Whats makes the wild blueberry and wild huckleberry so unique and healthy is that they are purely wild. They don't grow on farms, in greenhouses or anywhere else except naturally in the mountains or foothills in specific regions. There there are no pesticides sprayed or chemicals used. Simply the soil, rain and sun. The Wild blue Huckleberries have an antioxidant level of 111 whereas the domestic blueberry is 42. Check them out and try them. This new super fruit maybe the healthiest and best tasting there is.


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