Fresh Frozen Wild Red Huckleberries

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Fresh frozen wild red huckleberries handpicked in the wild lands of the Pacific Northwest each summer. They are flash frozen the same day they are picked. we ship the berries direct to your door. Naturally wild & wildly delicious!

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Wild red huckleberries are a distinctly tart berry growing wild throughout the Pacific Northwest. Picking red huckleberries has been a summer joy for generations of people in the coastal wild lands of the Pacific Northwest. Red huckleberries are a brilliant reddish orange berry, often found growing out of old cedar stumps. Native Americans have used huckleberries for cooking and natural medicine for hundreds of years. Modern cooks love to match the refreshing tart huckleberry flavor of a wild red huckleberry sauce with lamb, fish, wild game or pork. If you enjoy tart, red huckleberries are for you. Our wild red huckleberries grow to ripe perfection in the wild. They are then carefully handpicked by our intrepid foragers and same day flash frozen to lock in the full nutritional value, taste and essence. Brimming with beneficial properties that promote over all health and well being, red huckleberries are an excellent addition to your daily diet. You can order our fresh frozen wild red huckleberries online and have them shipped frozen to your door.

Health Benefits:

  • Antioxidant (ORAC) Score 4,800 (uMTE/100g)
  • Wild red huckleberries are raw frozen berries with no additives
  • Wild red huckleberries have double the antioxidant levels of blueberries
  • Red huckleberries are an extremely good source of Vitamin C which helps fight off diseases by strongly promoting immune health.

Serving Suggestions:

  •     Smoothies, Chutney, Jam, Salmon or Meat Topping, Pie


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