wild mountain blackberries
wild mountain blackberrieswild mountain blackberries

Fresh Frozen Wild Mountain Blackberries

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Little Wild Mountain Blackberries are the only blackberries that are native to the Pacific Northwest. With tiny almost unnoticeable seeds and stunning flavor they are excellent for baking and preserves or just a great snack straight out of the bag. An amazingly delicious and healthy local delicacy!

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Product Description

Our tiny Wild Mountain Blackberries possess a unique tartness and sweet flavor unsurpassed by any other blackberry in the world. Our frozen wild blackberries have tiny seeds unnoticeable compared to other blackberries. These are not the wild blackberries that grow on tall bushes in your backyard. The tart, intense flavor and small size of this native wild blackberry makes it perfect for classic Northwest desserts and preserves. The scientific name given to little wild mountain blackberries is Rubus Ursinus. Other common names include Pacific Trailing Blackberry and Northwest Dewberry. When we picked them as kids, they were simply ‘little wild blackberries.’ No matter what you call them, little Wild Mountain Blackberries, the only blackberry native to the Pacific Northwest, are utterly delicious. The season for little, a wild mountain blackberry varies with weather conditions, mountain location and elevation. Typically, the season lasts four to six weeks, beginning early in July and ending in August. However we have seen years where the wild blackberry season only lasts a week. These tiny precious gems grow throughout the coastal slopes of the Pacific Northwest, extending from Northern California to Southeastern Alaska, typically in logged off areas. Most old timers know these are one of the hardest berries to pick. Wild Mountain Blackberry pickers must fight with rough terrain, stickers, ants and bears to get their hands on these treats.  Once you have tried these delicious treasures you may never be able to eat a store bought blackberry again. The tart intense flavor is what a blackberry should be. Our Wild Mountain Blackberries are all handpicked here in Washington State, USA.

Health Benefits:

• Being rich in antioxidants, blackberries help the body in fighting free radicals and thus, avoid various types of cancer, especially breast and cervical cancer.

• The high fiber content in blackberries helps maintain digestive health, control blood sugar, lose weight and lower cholesterol levels.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Pie, Cobbler, on Ice Cream, Smoothies or Jam

1 review for Fresh Frozen Wild Mountain Blackberries

  1. davesauto720
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I grew up picking these wild mountain blackberries. They are very difficult to pick and that alone explains the cost. I will say there is not a more savory berry for pie maybe even a little to intense or rich, I like them mixed 50/50 with sour cherries. We use to call them thimble berries. I make homemade sorbet and ice cream with them. I think it works best to heat them very slowly in a sauce pan with a little water to break the berries down and release the juices.
    The flavor and aroma are unique, distinct and delightful. Honestly it is a joy to have access to them again.

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