Wild Elderberry Fruit Spread

$ 10.95

Wild elderberries are a delicious antioxidant rich powerhouse that are popular for helping ward of flu’s and common colds. Our wild elderberry fruit spread has half the sugar found in traditional jams and is made with truly wild berries that grow out in nature. So, not only is it the the tastier option but the healthier one too. Shipped straight to your door. Enjoy!

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Try our wild elderberry fruit spread today!

Our wild elderberry fruit spread is made with truly wild elderberries that have been picked at peak ripeness for maximum flavor and goodness. Elderberries are highly sought after all around the world not only for their flavor but for their great health benefits as well. Our wild elderberry fruit spread is hand made in small artisan batched to help bring out the rustically delicious flavor. Not a fan of the whole fruit in your fruit spread? No problem, we have filtered out the whole fruit leaving a pleasant jelly-like texture that is sure to be a big hit. Our unique fruit spreads make thoughtful gifts for family and friends or a tasty treat for yourself. Spread some on your toast, add a dollop to your baked brie, spoon some into your cocktail or add some to your pancakes. There are endless ways to enjoy this versatile and scrumptious spread. Shipped straight to your door. Enjoy!

(8oz Jars)

 Ingredients: Truly Wild Elderberries, Pure Cane Sugar, Fruit Pectin, Lemon Juice

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