Mini Cobbler Sampler

$ 39.99

Variety is the spice of life. What better way to spice things up than to try our mini pie sampler? Each pack will include 1 personal size mini pie of a different flavor. There are 5 in total including tart cherry, wild huckleberry, bumbleberry, marionberry and wild blackberry.

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Try our delicious mini cobbler sampler!

Our mini cobblers are the perfect way to try each of the fillings in our big 9inch deep dish pies. Each cobbler is hand made and carefully prepared with an abundance of berries and love (and a delectable crumble topping!). Don’t feel like baking and eating a full 9 inch deep dish? Don’t worry, we now have these personal size cobblers that you can bake in a fraction of the time yet enjoy with the full flavor. Our mini cobblers are great for sharing with family and friends or as a treat for yourself. They make thoughtful gifts and are sure to leave your taste buds with sweet memories. We recommend adding a small dollop of vanilla ice cream for garnish as well as complimentary flavor. Enjoy!


Baking instructions:

  • Bake at 400’F for 15-20 minutes without the lid (or until hot all the way through)

Microwave instructions:

  • If you are in a time crunch you can microwave your mini pie without the lid for 1-2 minutes (or until hot all the way through)