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The Northwest Wild Foods Storey

Our Story

Located between the temperate Puget Sound and the rugged Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest...

Northwest Wild Foods is a small, family-owned company in Burlington, Washington that is dedicated to bringing you the rare and natural wild flavors of our region and beyond. Our wild berries are hand-gathered in areas such as the lush woodlands of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains where our intrepid pickers often find themselves competing with Black bear, cougar and other animals for delicious juicy berries.

Perhaps our favorite wild berry is the tiny Wild Mountain Blackberry that our family has been collecting for more than three generations. As any seasoned wild berry picker will admit, these are the most elusive of all wild berries. Locating a patch of these tasty morsels can be so difficult that we compare it to fishing for steelhead on the Skagit River — an experience in itself. Our other favorite wild berries include Hoh River Red Huckleberries and Wild Mountain Blue Huckleberries. Each is incredibly special, possessing a unique character and magical taste that only wild berries can impart. Northwest Wild Foods

Wild Harvest

To bring these exquisite flavors to you, we make our Wild Harvest jams, preserves, syrups and honeys in small batches, handling them with utmost care to preserve their unique flavors and textures. With one taste, you’ll understand how our passion for wild foods has kept our tradition alive for more than 50 years.

We invite you to select from our wonderful, yet limited-by-necessity, range of natural products. Serve them to friends, family or give them as cherished gifts. We guarantee you’ll be a devotee in no time.

Wild Harvest Fruit Spreads
The Northwest Wild Foods Promise

The Northwest Wild Foods Promise

All of our products are backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Since 1988 we have worked hard to provide our valued customers with the best wild and organic products the great Northwest has to offer. We are confident our customers will be truly delighted with the products they receive from us. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied, please contact us immediately to request a replacement or refund. Sincerely, Rick LaMonte Founder, Northwest Wildfoods


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