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Wild Dungeness Crab Clusters

Size1 BOX 3.5 LBS

Try our Wild Dungeness Crab Clusters today!

Our pristine wild Dungeness crab is harvested in the icy, clean waters of Alaska.  Dungeness crab has a sweet and delicate flavor with a slightly nutty undertone. Dungeness crab meat is known for being the most tender of all crab. Dungeness crabs are much smaller than King crab but they make up for it in their wonderful buttery flavor. Each cluster of crab legs is loaded with the unforgettably sweet, succulent meat of Northwest Dungeness Crab. Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser at your next dinner party. 

Named after a small fishing village here in Washington, Dungeness Crab are SWEET, SUCCULENT and PACKED WITH MEAT!

  • Perfectly sweet – never briny or salty.
  • Legs, claws and shoulders all PACKED with delicious crab meat
  • Fully cooked and ready to eat.
  • Flash-frozen right after cooking, to lock in all the flavor, texture and nutrients
  • Arrives frozen - simply thaw, rinse, serve and ENJOY.
  • Easy to crack shells – dive right in and crack with your hands!

**Our Dungeness crab clusters are fully cooked. 

**3.5 lb per box.

**3 to 4 crab per box ( 7-8 leg clusters).

**Fully cooked and ready to eat- simply boil or steam for 4 minutes

**Low in fat, high in protein

**Sustainably harvested in the Alaska

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Wild Dungeness Crab Clusters



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