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Tips for a Holiday Gravlax

Tips for Making Easy Homemade Gravlax

Gravlax has become the attainable luxury appetizer made at home with quality salmon. Simply put, Gravlax is a Scandinavian salmon dish that is cold cured with salt and sugar, infused with fresh dill, and flavored with aromatics and spices. Here are three tips for preparing gravlax at home and exceeding store-bought quality.

  1. Find a good weight ratio of salt and sugar.

The best salt and sugar ratio used to make the cure depends on your own tastes. A salt-heavy cure with a 2:1 ratio is recommended because it results in a pleasant level of saltiness with a touch of sweetness. The increased amount of salt draws the moisture from the salmon to make it firmer and easier to slice. Additionally, the decreased moisture makes a less hospitable environment for bacteria and extends the edible life of the salmon.

  1. Customize the aromatics and spices infused in the salmon.

A traditional gravlax recipe uses peppercorns and fresh dill, however there are many variations. For example, one combination includes caraway seeds, coriander seeds, white pepper and dill. Another recipe uses fennel seeds and aquavit in addition to caraway seeds, peppercorns and dill.

  1. Start with high quality salmon.

Wild Alaskan Salmon from Northwest Wild Foods is fresh-frozen, sustainable, traceable, and a fair trade product. Our salmon has never been defrosted before arriving at your door, keeping its brightly colored flesh and full flavor. It is ready to be prepared into any recipe with the skin on and bones removed.

Making gravlax at home allows you to make a luxurious appetizer with high quality salmon, cutting all costs of labor that might be included in grocery store prices. The aromatics and spices can be tailored to your own personal preferences, making it a unique appetizer that can be prepared ahead of time. Start with Northwest Wild Food’s Wild Alaskan Salmon for the best quality and taste.

Recipes to Try:


By Amelia Brown


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