Macadamia – Black Currant (and more) Granola


42 oz Oats (uncooked, one entire Quaker oats container)
1.5 cup Olive Oil (virgin)
1.5 cup Maple syrup (not artificial)
1 lb Macadamia nuts (unsalted, unroasted)
1 lb Black Currants, dried black currants
1 lb Pomegranate seeds, dried (unsweetened)
6 Vanilla beans (split, seeds scraped and used here)
1 lb Mango, dried (unsweetened, without sulfur dioxide)
1/4 cup Pear William (Marie Brizzard),best for actual Pear flavor


Mix the oats, maple syrup, and olive oil. Roast, stirring as needed, until lightly browned in a low (300 or less) oven (probably 1-2 hours). Open the oven several times for a few moments and let the water vapor escape. When it’s done, let it cool and become crisp, then break apart any chunks into smaller pieces. Grind macadamia nuts with the vanilla seeds (scraped from the beans) until you have a course meal. Cut the mangos into tiny strips, then add mangos, pomegranates, and currants. Add the nuts and fruit into the cooled oats. Stir thoroughly. Add the Pear liqueur and stir again. Pack into re-sealable plastic bags (with the empty vanilla beans). Refrigerate (although you can put it in the shelf if airtight).

Provided by Michael Fossel

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