Fresh Frozen Wild Coastal Huckleberries

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Our wild Olympic coastal huckleberries are much smaller in size and slightly tarter than the mountain huckleberry. These delectable huckleberries are brimming with vitamin B and potassium. Not just a tasty treat but an extremely healthy one too! Picked wild in the Northwest. Straight to your door.

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Our wild coastal huckleberries are much smaller in size and slightly tarter than their more famous mountain huckleberry counterparts. They grow throughout the Northwest coastal regions where deer and bears also love these wild treasures. Foragers hand harvest these delectable little berries at peak ripeness, then same day flash freeze them to preserve all the key nutrients and flavor. Also known as the evergreen huckleberry the plants are often used here as shrubs but rarely produce. Being such a tiny berry they are extremely hard to clean and de-stem, therefore many of these huckleberries will still have stems on them. These delicious wild huckleberries work especially great in jams, syrups or pies. These tiny huckleberries are picked throughout September and October, then same day flash frozen to lock in their distinct flavor. Enjoy our wild Olympic coastal huckleberries today.

Health Benefits:
• Wild coastal huckleberries are a rich source vitamin B. Huckleberries help support and speed up the metabolic rate while keeping skin and muscle tone healthy.
• Wild coastal huckleberries are rich in potassium which helps ensure proper functioning of nerve and muscle tissues, such as the heart and skeletal muscles.
• Studies show that wild huckleberries promote eye health, especially with diabetics

Serving Suggestions:
• Jam, Pie, dessert topping, pancakes, or smoothie


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