Wild Mountain Huckleberry Syrup

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Our wild mountain huckleberry syrup is artisan crafted in small batches of wild blue huckleberries which are hand harvested on the lowlands of Mt St Helen’s at their peak ripeness. A gourmet and tasty addition to your pancakes, waffles or porridge. A wildly delicious treat shipped straight to your door!

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Try our Wild Mountain Huckleberry Syrup!

Our wild mountain huckleberry syrup possesses a delectably wonderful tart, woodsy character that is unique to our handmade berry syrups. They make delicious breakfast toppings for pancakes waffles and porridge (or even a tasty addition to a fancy martini!). Drizzle them over ice cream or cheesecake for the ultimate Northwest dessert. Our wild mountain huckleberries are hand-gathered in the lush woodlands around Mt. St. Helen’s each summer where our intrepid pickers often find themselves competing with black bears, cougars and other native animals for the sweet, yet tangy, juicy berries. Interestingly, the closer wild blue huckleberries grow to the mountains, the more concentrated their huckleberry flavor and aroma becomes. Picking wild huckleberries by hand preserves their unique and delicious huckleberry taste. Our wild blue huckleberries are frozen straight off the mountain to lock in their wonderful aroma and flavor. The fruit of this berry is unique; it has a character and essence only wild berries enjoy. We make our syrups and fruit spreads by hand in small artisan batches to guarantee a rich, delicious bite every time. The perfect gift for friends and family, or yourself! Order now and have them shipped directly to your door!

(10 oz Jars)

Ingredients: Wild Mountain Huckleberries, Pure Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice


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