Wild Berry Sample Pack

$ 169.99

Our wild berry sample pack is a delicious way to taste the best of the wild. Naturally wild and wildly delicious, this sample pack has a total of 12 lbs of fruit which includes the following wild foraged berries: 1.5 lbs wild blue huckleberries, 1.5 lbs wild lingonberries, 1.5 lbs wild mountain blackberries, 1.5 lbs wild mt blueberries, 1.5 lbs wild bilberries , 1.5 lbs wild Cascade blend, 1.5 lbs wild Red huckleberries and 1.5 lbs of wild Sea buckthorn.

***Berries are subject to change depending upon availability***

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Our wild berry sample pack gives you the chance to try all our naturally wild & wildly delicious fresh frozen berries. All of these unique berries are hand harvested in the wild where they grow naturally each summer. They are picked at peak ripeness and flash frozen to lock in essential nutrients. Each berry comes individually packed with 1.5 lbs per bag or 5-6 cups of fruit. This is the perfect amount to make a delicious pie or to throw in your daily smoothies for a super antioxidant boost. Wild berries typically pack a more intense flavor than their farm grown counterparts. They also have 2-8 times more antioxidant value on the ORAC chart. Wild berries are completely spray free as they are naturally occurring in nature. Our wild berries are packed full of natural antioxidants that will keep your body healthy and fighting diseases. These are some of the healthiest berries on the planet.

Total 12 lbs berries include:

1.5 lbs Wild Blue Huckleberries

1.5 lbs Wild Mt Blueberries

1.5 lbs Wild Lingonberries

1.5 lbs Wild Mountain Blackberries

1.5 lbs Wild Bilberries

1.5 lbs Wild Red Huckleberries

1.5 lbs Wild Cascade Blend

1.5 lbs Wild Sea Buckthorn


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