Wild Alaskan Halibut Slim Pack

$ 99.99

Line caught wild in the pure, glacial waters of Southeastern Alaska, our wild Alaskan halibut is some of the finest around. Harvested by small artisan boats and handled with the utmost care to preserve quality, nutritional value and flavor. Our halibut has a delicious white, flaky meat with a mild flavor profile ideal for baking, sauteing or BBQ. 4oz portions of premium halibut delivered to your door. Enjoy!

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Try our exquisite wild Alaskan halibut slim pack today!

Pure white, mild and flaky, wild Alaskan halibut is a favorite for seafood lover’s everywhere. It is easily the glorious center piece of countless entrees around the world. Our wild Alaskan halibut slim pack comes from the pure glacial waters of Southeastern Alaska in a region world famous for having the highest quality halibut. Caught with the use of long lines by some of our favorite old time fishermen, these fish can grow to several hundred pounds. We choose to limit our halibut size to around 40 lbs or less because those have the best flavor. Our Wild Alaskan halibut comes in 4 oz boneless portions with both skin on and skin off available. Extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids, eating wild Alaskan halibut may help decrease the risk of an irregular heartbeat, while reducing triglyceride levels and slowing growth of plaque in the arteries. This versatile gem can be cooked in a plethora of delicious ways from BBQ, to saute or baking. Red or blue huckleberries work magnificently for a topping sauce! There is no wrong way to enjoy our halibut. Shipped frozen straight to your door. Treat yourself and your loved one’s to a healthy and delicious bite to eat. Enjoy!

Health Benefits:

  • A 4 oz serving of wild Alaskan halibut slim pack has roughly 24% of your daily recommended phosphorus needs. Phosphorus helps maintain everything from strong bones and teeth, to a healthy metabolism and higher energy levels.
  • With just one 4 oz serving providing 24% of your daily recommended intake for vitamin B6 and and 91% for vitamin B 12, wild Alaskan halibut is a great choice for helping prevent cardiovascular disease, while promoting healthy neurological function, DNA production and normal brain function.
  • Wild Alaskan halibut is an excellent source of calcium which is an important building block to helping maintain both strong bones and a healthy heart.
  • With over 100% of your daily recommended amount of selenium, eating wild Alaskan halibut may help prevent certain cancers, defend against viruses and heart disease while helping ease symptoms associated with serious conditions such as asthma.
  • Feeling low on energy? Eating halibut is a smart way to boost your iron levels, which helps eradicate symptoms of fatigue due to iron deficiency.


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