Raw Organic Walnuts

$ 16.99

Our raw organic walnuts are grown right here in the USA and contain high amounts of protein, vitamins and trace minerals to name a few of the health benefits. Our walnuts are shelled and air dried with only the best large halves being selected for your dining pleasure.

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Our raw organic walnuts are grown right here in the USA on a small artisan family farm where things are done the old fashion way by hand. These walnuts have been hand picked at peak ripeness, shelled and air dried for your convenience. We truly believe these are some of the finest quality walnuts you can find. Working directly with the grower, we have selected only the best large walnut halves for your enjoyment. The walnut tree has been around for thousands of years and serves multiple purposes; it can be used as food, medicine, furniture and dye. Studies show walnuts have numerous health benefits ranging from weight management to prevention and slowing of various cancers, heart disease and other common health issues. Eating a few walnuts a day may keep the doctor away! Raw is the best way to go, as the heating process can kill some of the good bacteria and nutrients in the nuts. A quick and easy snack straight out of the bag. Try our delicious raw organic walnuts today.

Nutrition Facts:

  • Walnuts are high in protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, trace minerals, lecithin and oils.
  • Walnuts have very little sodium and are cholesterol free.
  • Walnuts are rich in magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Salads for a nutty crunch, cooked sauces, or simply eat them raw and keep healthy!


  • Raw Organic Walnuts from the USA


  1. chrisphillips (verified owner)

    these are the only fresh walnuts i have found; whole foods and trader joes and costco certainly do not have fresh walnuts.

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