Fresh Frozen Maitake Mushrooms
Fresh Frozen Maitake MushroomsFresh Frozen Maitake Mushrooms

Fresh Frozen Organic Maitake Mushrooms

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Try our delicious fresh frozen maitake mushrooms! They are artisan grown in the Pacific Northwest and are brimming with antioxidant rich properties that are known for their anti cancer and pro immune health effects. A delicious and healthy addition to your daily diet. Enjoy!

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Try our delicious fresh frozen organic maitake mushrooms today!

The Latin name for maitake mushrooms is Grifola frondosa. It is a polypore mushroom that typically grows in small clusters at the base of oak trees, sometimes elms and occasionally maples. The name maitake itself is Japanese and roughly translates to ‘dancing mushroom.’ They were named as such because their health benefits have been highly revered for generations and when people found them growing wild in the forest they would dance for joy. Another popular name for this healthy and delicious treat is hen-of-the-woods (Supposedly they resemble the feathers of a fluffed chicken).  As well as containing powerful nutritional properties, these mushrooms also have an excellent flavor. They contain L-glutamate which is a natural flavor enhancer that provides ‘umami’, or the ‘fifth taste’, which is a rich and savory flavor that excites receptor-specific nodes on your tongue. Maitake mushrooms are an excellent addition to your daily diet. They go great in dishes that you would usually cook with other mushrooms such as in pastas, stir fries, and risottos. There is really no wrong way to eat these dance provoking mushrooms. Enjoy!

Health Benefits:

  • Maitake mushrooms contain polysaccharide which is a complex carbohydrate made up of smaller sugar molecules. These help stabilize blood pressure, blood sugar and have an effect on free radicals. They also help boost and promote a healthy immune system.
  • The complex polysaccharides found in maitake mushrooms also cause ‘apoptosis’ which is essentially programmed suicide of cancer cells.
  • These mushrooms also have anti-angionenesis properties which can restrict the proliferation of blood cells that feed tumors. So, they are a great anti cancer food. 
  • Feeling low on energy? Maitake mushrooms have been shown to increase fatty acids that provide energy.
  • Maitake mushrooms are low in calories and high in fiber which together help promote weight loss.


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