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Fresh Frozen Champagne Currants

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Our fresh frozen Champagne Currants are grown right here in the Great Northwest and hand harvested at peak ripeness to ensure optimal flavor. They are then same day flash frozen to lock in all their nutrient value and aroma. Fresh frozen Champagne Currants delivered straight to your door!

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Our fresh frozen Champagne Currants (or white currants) are grown in the Great Northwest and are an enticing bite that is every bit as delicious as their more well known counterpart the red currant. They are actually a variety of red currant with a similar flavor, only they are white or champagne in color with a slight pink blush. Hand harvested at peak ripeness and then same day IQF flash frozen to lock in the maximum nutrient value, our Champagne Currants are a tasty yet healthy option for the whole family. Currants have been used in traditional Native American medicine for centuries and scientific studies are now confirming that currants have extremely high amounts of powerful antioxidants that do indeed help promote optimal health and well being. Scientists are particularly interested in anthocyanin, an antioxidant that is found in high concentrations in currants. There is strong evidence that anthocyanin can help prevent several types of dangerous cancers, including liver cancer. Our fresh frozen Champagne currants will go great in any dish calling for red currants as they share that close sweet yet tart flavor profile. As well as being rich in vitamins and antioxidants Champagne Currants add wonderful color and delicious zest to classic fruit salads and desserts. Excellent uses for our Champagne Currants include pastries, meats, juices, jams, jellies or pies. Our freshly frozen Champagne Currants are shipped frozen straight to your door. Enjoy!  

Health Benefits:

  • White currants are rich in fiber, which aids good gut function and even the development of healthy gut microflora.
  • White currants are rich in Vitamin C, which has vital protective antioxidant properties.
  • White currants help fight against various forms of cancer, as well as helps in many specific everyday functions.

  Serving Suggestions:

  • Smoothies, jam, jelly, meats


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