Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms

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Our dried chanterelle mushrooms are wild harvested, hand picked and sun dried each Autumn in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Not only do they have a succulent, buttery aroma but they posses many health benefits such as being rich in protein, fiber, vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin D. Great with any meal!

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Try our dried chanterelle mushrooms today!

Our dried chanterelle mushrooms add zest to any dish. Chanterelles are bright yellow in color and have an amazing buttery smell. Dried chanterelle mushrooms go great with chicken, salmon, soup or pasta dishes. Our dried chanterelles are handpicked in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest each fall by our intrepid pickers who hike many miles to find these highly sought after mushrooms. We hand select our chanterelles choosing only the highest quality mushrooms. They are then dried to crisp perfection giving them an excellent buttery aroma. You can buy our dried chanterelles online and have them delivered within 2-5 days.

Tips to Use: To reconstitute place in warm water and let soak for 10-15 mins. Cook like normal and enjoy!

Health Benefits:

  • Mushrooms are rich in protein, fiber, vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin D (one of the only foods that can provide you with this essential immune strengthener.)
  • They also contain powerful compounds called beta glucans, which have long been known for their immune enhancing properties.
  • The B vitamins found abundantly in mushrooms help the immune system, support nerve and heart health and help break down blood sugars in the body amongst other things.


  1. chrisphillips (verified owner)

    i soak these in warm water for about 15-20 minutes, then wash carefully, chop and saute in ghee. such a lovely savory aroma and delicate apricot taste. wonderful with basmati rice.

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