Chocolate Heaven Artisan Gift Pack

$ 39.99

Our new Chocolate Heaven Artisan Gift Pack is the ideal gift for all the fruity chocolate nut lover’s out there. Made with crunchy organic hazelnuts and Almonds as well as delicious and nutritious tart cherries and black currants, this fancy chocolate mix is sure to leave your taste buds with scrumptiously sweet memories.

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Try our Chocolate Heaven Artisan Gift Pack!

We’re simply mad about our chocolate bark with nuts and dried fruit. Each slab of bark has been infused with the greatest care to produce some of the finest chocolate you will ever try. Our Chocolate Heaven Artisan Gift Pack is made with crunchy organic nuts, berries bursting with tangy flavor and a rich, smooth dark chocolate that is perfect for those who enjoy a delicious and nutritious sweet treat.

No sugars or oils have been used in making your gift of:

Tart cherry infused chocolate

Hazelnut infused chocolate

Black currant infused chocolate

Almond infused chocolate


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