Antioxidant Lover’s Delight Gift Pack

$ 39.99

Our Antioxidant Lover’s Delight Gift pack is an antioxidant powerhouse mixture of berries that are dried completely naturally without the use of oils, sugars or additives. This help preserve flavor as well as nutritional value. This mix of berries makes a thoughtful, tasty and healthy gift for others or a nutritional sweet treat for yourself. Enjoy!

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Try our Antioxidant Lover’s Delight Gift Pack!

Antioxidant Lover’s Delight

Some of the best tasting most antioxidant rich berries on the planet go into this wonderful combination that will please any berry lover. Each of the berries is dried naturally without the use of any oils, sugars or additives. This ensures wildly delicious flavors while helping maintain maximum nutritional value. A truly healthy and delicious snack perfect as a gift for family and loved ones or as a yummy treat for yourself.

Included are:

Dried Wild Lingonberries

Dried Organic Pomegranate Arils

Dried Black Currants

Dried Wild Blueberries

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